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sound healing meditation, energy work & events

sound meditation

come back to breath, allowing the vibration of healing instruments take your soul wherever it needs to go

energy healing

release, revitalise and recenter with a calming session to balance your energetic, physical and emotional body


group sound baths and meditation for corportate events, wellness days, gatherings of friends or family occasions

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Sunday Weekly Drogheda

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Friday Weekly

events postponed until 2020

what exactly is sound meditation?

…as far back as ancient fires with drums & wailing
even the earliest of civilisations were aware of the healing trance states that can be induced using the vibration of drums, rattles and voice. these practices evolved over time into native peoples song and ancient asian chants such as sutras and mantras. to accompany the voice, wind instruments such as the digeridoo (used for healing for 40,000 years), along with native american flute and yidaki were developed. stringed instruments such as the lyre and monochord also emerged. one must simply think of how whale song can travel up to 10,000 miles to understand how effectively the vibration of sound passes through water, the medium which makes up to 60% of our physical form.

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relax into a journey of the soul

soothing sounds to suit your needs

leave your day to day life behind as you allow yourself the space to breathe, rest and recover

sound healing meditation

the all encompassing vibration of the gong has often been refered to as the ‘sound of the universe’. effortlessly drift away on this etherial experence with waves of gong energy punctuated by soothing sounds of flute, singing bowls, kochi wind chimes and other calming instruments.

calming sound meditation

with a focus on the more relaxing instruments such as chimes, native american flute and singing bowls. float into the silence of your centered soul as your mind finds the peace and tranquility we so often long for in our daily lives. waves of the gong are more gentle during this meditation to promote relaxation.

one on one

a sound healing session channelled and tailored specifically for you. using over ten years of expereince working with energy, paul will tune into your needs and intuitively play melodies at intensities and variations needed by you to find the balance of benefits you are seeking from your experience.

energy healing

as far back as 3000bc the chinese understood the existence of what later became refered to as ‘chi’.

the chakra system, now widely known thanks to the adaptation of yoga and mediation by the western world, originated in india around 3000 years ago.

at the turn of the 1900’s, while meditating for 21 one days in the mountains near kyoto, japan, dr. usui discovered the healing energy refered to as reiki.

people in the western world are starting to discover and understand the energetic body more and more every day, but what effect does energy work actually have on you?

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energetic practices

step back into your power and find your flow with an hour long private session. during your journey your practitioner will be calling on ten years of experience from mulitple disciplines of energy healing to provide a tailor made therapy to help with exactly what it is you need.

stay at home in your own space, wander into nature or find the comfort zone of your choosing from where you can truly relax and open yourself up to the healing energy of your session. from wherever we are I can connect with you, and channel for you the healing required for the next step on tjhe journey.

it’s a common occurance for us to move home, or work place and feel somewhat unsettled in our surroundings. clearing the energy of a space can help you more relaxed in your environment by removing the energtic influcences and traces of those who were there before, and leaving space for you to create you own, more familiar energetic signature.


whether your intention is to help promote harmony in the work place, or to bring a sence of calm and wellbeing to your wedding party, innerflow has a tailor made experience perfect to fit your needs.

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beautiful souls


Paul has helped me with his reiki tremendously, though it was distant reiki healing, I felt the effects instantantly and it keeps helping me to this day. His post-session instructions were on point and helped to guide me through the healing process. I thank the universe for sending amazing beings like Paul full of compassion and love for those in need!

Natsumi, Equador

Three weeks ago I had my 1st level Reiki attunement done by Paul. It was very relaxed and peaceful. Since then I have practised giving Reiki to myself and my dogs and am beginning to feel energy better. It was a one on one session and the time I got to spent with Paul was absolutely amazing. He is a very peaceful, kind, caring, pure, loving person. Overall, this is the start of my spiritual journey.

Nanami, Australia

I’ve been to a few of Paul’s sound meditations / soundbaths and I have to say he is a fantastic facilitator. I’m a holistic therapist myself so can be hard to please, however, I can’t rate him highly enough. He is very passionate about what he does and it shows. Everyone should get to experience one of Paul’s soundbaths. Take some time out for yourself you won’t be disappointed.

Olga (The Sole Angel), Ireland

Paul is a highly gifted intuitive healer who works gently and compassionately with his clients to facilitate powerful healing.

Macdara, Ireland

With Paul I had the best reiki treatment I’ve tried. I felt healing a lot thanks to him and his energy it’s so pure and powerful. I’d love to continue healing with him.

Sara, Italy

it’s time to be good to you

your facilitator

13 years travelling the world leading to 10 years of soul exploration 
all these lessons, all these experineces, collected and fine tuned for you

paul mcdonald


refining 10 years of healing experience to bring you what you’ve been seeking.
it’s time. you deserve it.

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Sound Healing the Nation on live Radio with Dublin City FM

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