Masters of Calm gets cleansed by water and Sound Healing Meditation vibrations on Inis Rath Island, Derrylin

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Masters of Calm gets cleansed by water and Sound Healing Meditation vibrations on Inis Rath Island, Derrylin

It was an incredibly successful weekend at Masters Of Calm Festival on Inis Rath Island, Derrylin. Held on June 14, 15 and 16 2019, the line up jam packed full of conscious practitioners. Highlights included a very special guest appearance from the well known Yogi Vishnu Panigrahi.

Calling in the directions during the opening fire ceremony.

A world of heart felt high vibration options

Also on the line up was Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Yoga of all disciplines, talks on many disciplines of soul healing and shamanism, Kirtan, a Holi festival, a fire festial, local plant medicine foraging, sound healing from multiple practitioners… the list is literally endless. Everything your soul-seeking heart might desire could be found at this vortex of deliciousness. People shone from the inside out too with belly’s full of delectable vegan Hari Krishna food you can imagine. All prepared with love and gratitude filling every cell of your being until there’s no option left but to walk around beaming with energetic deliciousness.

Calm for the kids too

There’s plenty of fun for the kids too with an area of the island dedicated to the little humans. A bouncy castle and loads of activities were set up daily to make sure their hearts and souls were filled with just as much love and happiness as the adults.

Deer, Badgers, Toads & more

That’s before we even get to the island itself. It’s surrounded by deliciously grounding Lough Erne (Erne Lake). There was plenty of opportunity for continuing your Wim Hoff practice. A stroll through the native forest brought those lucky enough face to face with Deer, Badgers, Dragon Flies, Peacocks, and Toads. There was also some species of insect I’ve never seen before which can only be described as Faery like. I didn’t get a photo of it but I wish I did! So much soul healing in one weekend. You could see it on the faces of everyone present as they walked, talked, ate, played and lived each waking moment in unprovoked, effortless meditation.

I can’t speak of this festival highly enough. I give it 5,000,000 stars (which we got to camp under every evening). See you there next year!

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