Sound Healing the Nation on live Radio with Dublin City FM

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Sound Healing the Nation on live Radio with Dublin City FM

While working at I noticed the bright energy of two ladies walking by. I felt called to encourage them to sit for a moment and try a short private gong healing session. They took their position behind the gong and relaxed into the journey well, every moment settling deeper into the etherial experience that sound healing meditation can so easily promote.

“When you give, you shall receive” – The Universe

At the end of the short session one woman opened her eyes with a bright beaming smile. She revealed to me that she was a radio broadcaster and she’d love to have me on her show. That woman was Victoria Mary Clarke of VMC Media Coaching. Her Dublin City FM show ‘The Art of Living‘ covers a broad range of topics, with guests who come from all professional backgrounds and many walks of life.

Gonging the nation

“All we hear is radio…” – Queen

Before the show I felt pretty nervous as it was the first time I would be playing to a national audience. The giddy energy soon relaxed into fun and laugher however as Victoria and I started our casual conversation. She has a wonderful bright energy and was very easy to connect with. She gracefully guided our conversation, asking questions about many aspects of my personal and professional journey to becoming a sound healer. It was a brief insight into the story of starting my company innerflow and leading my sound healing meditations all over Ireland.

Playing my set of 432Hz Quartz Singing Bowls on live radio

Playing to the Nation

The part that was most daunting to me had been the thought of playing the flute on live radio. With the flute in particular, it’s extremely important to play from the heart chakra, and the heart chakra delights in feeling safe and secure. I wasn’t sure if the pressure of the playing live to the nation would pull me out of my heart and into my mind. As soon as I blew my first note however, I slipped deep into the healing vibration of that beautiful instrument and it felt no different to playing to myself alone on the mountain top. It was a wonderful experience to be able to share this healing with so many people at one time. I’m eternally grateful to Victoria for coming to visit our little healing corner of

Soothing the nation with my Native American Flute tuned to F# and 432Hz

You can listen to a recording of the show here. I hope you enjoy it as must as I did 🙂

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