Sound Healing Meditation at The Courtyards Yoga Retreat, Wicklow, Ireland

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Sound Healing Meditation at The Courtyards Yoga Retreat, Wicklow, Ireland

a warm welcome

Driving onto the grounds of The Courtyards Yoga Retreat in Coolattin, Wicklow, it became immediately apparent that we were about to embark on a very special experience. The soft manicured lawns have been shown calm love and attention. They’re the first tell tale sign of an energy that can be felt through out the premises.

open fires, vegan treats and grounded feet

The welcome room warmed new comers fingers and toes with an open log fire, while cosy couches, and the delicious selection of herbal teas or coffee helped everyone relax into the day. Later, the dining room provided space for nourishment and integration with its grounded stone and wooden architecture. The dining room also had its own log burning stove and was furnished with two grand solid wood tables. The delicious high vibration, vegan food was all prepared in house on the day and helped keep everyones tummies and bodies satisfied. All of this amounted to the perfect setting to settle into healing. Healing that comes hand in hand with two ninety minute sound healing meditation sessions.

The welcome room where the guests can enjoy a selection of herbal teas and coffee upon arrival

calm that soothes the spirit

The room in which the sessions took place was awash with natural light which gently filled the room. The sun shone through the east wall which was almost completely made of glass. Soft spot lighting helped to illuminate the stone walls, inviting guests to relax as they prepared for their inward journey. The centre provided clients with comfortable yoga mats with the option of bolsters for under the knees. Blankets were also available for those who love the heat. There were two warm air heaters at either end of the room to keep the space at a comfortable temperature on brisk winter days.

The Courtyards Yoga Retreat Yoga Studio set up for some Sound Healing

ideal for first timers and experienced voyagers alike

There were many first timers attending this day retreat who were unsure of what to expect from the experience. The first ninety minute meditation had a more gentle approach. Soft waves of the gong were complemented with more gentle instruments such as the wash of the wave drum. This was followed by the whisper of the Native American Flute and the magical melody of Koshi wind chimes. The more gentle approach to this meditation results in a less invasive provocation of unwanted energy or emotion. This allowed guests to step into their healing at a more comfortable pace.

delicious vegan food & fresh country air

Guest were invited to enjoy their freshly prepared vegan lunch at the end of the our first Sound Healing Meditation Session. After filling their tummies, many chose to enjoy a walk in the crisp country air. The Courtyards Yoga Retreat offers a number of different walking trails. One of the longer trails leads to a fresh water stream where guests can let Mother Nature help to wash away unwanted energy if they choose. A peaceful reset of the energetic body in preparation for our second, deeper Sound Healing Meditation Session.

journeying a little deeper

For the deepening journey, people drifted away on the shamanic drum before diving into a wave of healing Gong vibration. Binaural beats from the Quartz Singing Bowls promoted brain entrainment helping people to silence their thoughts. As a result they were able to slip into a deeper wave of meditation. Finally, some one on one vibration from the shakers targeted the specific needs of each individual. As a welcome home to physical form, guests came back gently with some chimes and flute to help them settle into their body once more.

time to ground & integrate with warm tea by the fire

After the second session clients had the opportunity to relax with a tea and some vegan cookies. This gave them time to ground fully before the drive home. At the end of the day all 28 attendees left feeling the stillness of the country side settled into their souls. Deepest gratitude to Olivia and all The Courtyards Yoga Retreat family for welcoming me onboard. Looking forwards to journeying with you again soon.

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