how did i find my innerflow___?

Sound Meditation, Energy Healing & Events

after a happy childhood, at the age of 14 i took up swimming. at the time i didn’t understand why i enjoyed it so much, but in my later years when i learned to meditate, i’d realised that the act of swimming was a meditation in itself. the deep trance states induced by the almost reflex repetition of swimming up and down a pool were the first seeds of mindfulness sewed unintentionally on my life journey.

photos of swimmer paul in the papers

after graduating from trinity college dublin with a neuroscience degree in 2004, i joined the 9-5 work force, but soon after noticed a steady decline in my inner peace. i made the choice to leave ireland and travel round the world for two years learning about myself and figuring out how to sustain happiness in my life. the only thing was, i had no idea how to do it. i became a sightseer who consciously avoided things which made me feel bad. an observer of the world, remaining disconnected from it, and i couldn’t understand why. still though, as one moves through the masses one encounters many different souls, and i attracted many who spoke of intuition and an understanding of things greater than can be seen with the eye. i didn’t understand any of these concepts, but they touched the core of my being and reminded me of something from my youth… something long forgotten.

graduation day

after a year and a half on the road, my first deep love and i parted ways and i was devastated. it was a time of intense learning and growth, but it’s hard to understand that while in the moment overwhelmed with suffering. heart broken and alone in a country where no body spoke english on the other side of the world, i was forced to face my shadow. i travelled to tibet and mt everest in 2006 in search of something to help me break through the pain. it was there i found my first singing bowl, and someone who would become the most influential soul on my life journey. a healer from los angeles who, years later, would give me my first reiki session. an experience which would shatter my understanding of existence at that time, along with a layer of ego that had prevented me from opening my heart. she would bring me the realisation that i knew little, though i thought i knew it all, and so began a quest for wisdom.

at the base of Mount Everest on the Tibetan side

it took me to my reiki teacher in 2009, to learn exactly what it was i had experienced during my first session a half a year earlier. i learned about energy, learned to trust the feeling of it flowing through me and understand the messages received while channelling. i jumped deep into the world of energy practicing up to six hours a day, and after my second attunement i had a breakthrough. it felt to be too much for me to handle at the time. all of a sudden i could feel energy everywhere… every person that passed by, every tree, every wave, every meal, everything. i could be walking down the road, pass through an area of intense energy and become completely overwhelmed by it. i remember thinking ‘i don’t want this’ initially, but time passed, i became accustomed and better still, grateful for my sensitivity to energy. at this point it had led me to an understanding of the vibration of meat and i became a vegetarian. my first life change brought about by the energy.

working in the studio in Los Angeles around the time I got my attunement

in the years that passed i practiced using energy with people all over the globe as my travels took me around the world over five times. i spent the longest periods of time in indonesia, australia, japan, and the usa. my meditation practices got deeper, my intuition got stronger, and although i made many errors of judgment along the way, these mistakes and how they affected my energy became some of my greatest teachers. they would ensure that i would develop clearer, stronger energetic boundaries for myself and learn how to care for, and love myself better so that i might maintain a higher vibration with which i could serve my clients better.

some friends from Japan

at the start of 2018 i decided to take a trip to India to delve into my shadow and wound once more. i began a daily practice of meditation, sun gazing, vegan food, exercise, qi gong and service to mother earth cleaning sacks of rubbish off the beach every day. along the way i met a shamanic healing group who took me under their wing. from my experiences with them i learned the value of using sound, a simple shaker, in assisting a soul release energy that was no longer serving them. i decided to return to then a few months later in the himalayas, and through my work with them i came back to centre, back to a home in my heart which had always been there but which i had never noticed, and back to the love of my family in ireland, but there were two more lesson to learn before i would return home.

in goa, india after some internal work with the shamanic team

in july i had a laser operation on my eyes. for ten days after the operation my vision was the blurriest it had been in my life. the doctor had told me that it would take some time for my vision to balance out but days seven to ten had been spent at a conscious event in portugal and my brain was exhausted from trying to make sense of the blurry signals being sent from my eyes. i decided to spend time at the workshops taking care of myself and heard there was a sound bath happening. it would be time to lay on the ground with my eyes closed and rest my brain a little. as soon as the gong started to sound i was leaving my body, travelling through the universe with a deep understanding of the true nature of existence, i felt unified with the energy of all that is, the boundaries of my human form losing significance as the moments past, and then, as quickly as it had begun, the hour and a half passed and i returned to my physical form. sitting up, i opened my eyes to crystal clear vision. clearer than i had believed it possible to see with the human eye. this was the sign i had needed to understand the power of sound when created with healing intent. i made my decision to master the healing art of sound therapy, but there was something in my soul that i couldn’t identify, something holding me back… something the universe wouldn’t let me identify with for too much longer.

in the summer of 2018 i became involved with an architectural wonder so ambitious and elaborate that many of the head carpenters and engineers on the project were unsure if it was even possible, the temple ‘galaxia’, designed for burning man 2018, yet in 3.5 weeks of 8am to midnight shifts in the desert, the impossible became a reality. galaxia stood for the duration of the festival and when it burned on the Sunday night, along with the pain, fears and unwanted emotions of so many people present, a part of my past burned along with it. the part that doubted my ability, the part that limited myself, the part that stopped me from stepping into this role i was supposed to have, and becoming the man i knew i was meant to become.

working on galaxia

in the months that followed i found my way to my different instruments, connecting with each one and learning how to play them from the heart. my travels took me further afield to california and mexico where i played with other healers and fine tuned my sound healing techniques.

playing flute in the sacred mountains near san cristobal, Mexico

a few months later i returned to Ireland, working with sound and pouring all my energy into my company innerflow___, which leads you here, to this moment, to this story, and to the chance to explore your heart and soul in a new way, a way you may have been searching for. i hope you’ll join me if you feel called to, and somewhere along the way, i hope you’ll uncover some beautiful, centred, shining part of your soul which helps you come back home.

I look forward to journeying with you all.

cleansing my sun gong in the Celtic sunshine