awash with sound waves, sound healing meditation has arrived!

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awash with sound waves, sound healing meditation has arrived!

the time has come.

sound healing meditation has landed strong on the irish shores. emotional awareness is spreading throughout the globe, and with it arrives an array of wonderful workshops, techniques and practices. all of which are helping people release stress and trauma, and settle back into the truth of who they really are.

sound healing meditations held by innerflow are one such experience. an experience not to be missed. by channelling healing and heart energy through his instruments, paul, your facilitator, will help to restore and rebalance your energetic flow. take this one step closer to letting go of those emotions that are no longer serving you and liberating yourself from the past.

if you’ve been feeling balanced, there’s something worthwhile for you here too. these gentle musical meditations will serve to wrap you in a warm blanket of well being, compounding the joy you’ve already been feeling in your day to day life.

but don’t take my word for it, come give it a try and see how you feel 🙂 click the link below for details on current events all over ireland.

current weekly meditations

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