energy healing

Sound Meditation, Energy Healing & Events

allow the mind to relax as you drift away on the scent of healing incense & essential oils.

healing hands

using ten years of energetic experience, and atunements from many different energetic lineages, healing energy can help you find balance while relaxing in the warmth of natural organic fibre blankets and listening to the healing sound waves of high vibration music.

let your intention for your session be your guide as you find balance, calm and confidence in yourself, or work on some of the deeper emotional or energetic areas of your soul as you take steps towards liberation from whatsoever is no longer serving you.

it’s not unusual for someone receiving reiki to perceive the energy passing through their bodies as heat, cold, tingling, pins and needles, movement inside their bodies (as the energetic body settles into its new balance), pressure (in the moments before an energetic release), emotional release, calm, sleepiness, relaxation or contentedness.

channeling love and light

the benefits of energy healing may include but are not limited to:

  • deep relaxation or possibly falling asleep
  • reduction in stress, anxiety or muscular tension
  • emotional harmony, balance and wellbeing
  • reduction in anger, frustration or feeling overwhelmed with life
  • relief from the symptoms of depression
  • restoration of energetic flow within the energetic body
  • clearing the energetic body to help you feel lighter, and soon after, more grounded and centred
  • promotion of better sleeping patterns
  • relief from pain
  • support for the body’s natural healing mechanisms
  • aids and accelerates spiritual growth
  • relief from past life energies which can be perceived as a ‘weight’ or physical symptom in this lifetime
  • helping to increase the effects of other medical treatments
  • enhanced personal awareness and intuition
  • aids meditation and positivity
  • promotes creative flow
  • strengthened immune system response
  • better self esteem

  • when choosing a reiki practitioner always listen to your heart or ‘gut instinct’ and feel whether someone is the right person for you. trust your intuition and you’ll receive the benefits you were searching for.

    ॐ Namaste ॐ