sound meditation

Sound Meditation, Energy Healing & Events

lay back and melt into your true self, letting go of stress and tension, and finally releasing any physical, emotional or energetic imbalance you may have been harbouring. take this time to float away with your breath, relax into your natural harmonic state, and allow the soothing vibrations of singing bowls, gongs, native american flute and other high vibration instruments help you step into your heart, liberate from stress, and come back to your beautiful, radiant center.

a small selection of the instruments from the sound healing meditations

it’s common during the experience for the vibration of these sacred instruments to carry you away from your physical form on a journey of the soul, healing and rebalancing your body as your consciousness floats through the astral plain. if you feel you’ve been having trouble with your meditation practice this hour of healing will be perfect for you. bathing in these carefully balanced sounds accompanied with the energy of the other souls present will serve to illicit a deep state of calm and wellbeing, helping you melt into meditation like you may have been trying, with great effort, to achieve on your own. it’s not unusual for people to drift off to sleep at certain points during the experience when deep healing occurs. give it a try, enjoy, you may even surprise yourself!

using his ten years of energetic experience, paul passes healing energy of the highest vibration is through the sound of the instruments, most of which are tuned to 432Hz. these healing vibrations will have you feeling present and centred at the end of every session.

innerflow’s tibetan singing bowl bought at the beginning of his sound healing journey in lhasa 2007

at times, during the gong waves, some people may feel intense emotion and strong shifts in energy as old patterns surface to be released and healed. staying with the breath and surrendering to the process will help liberate you from the often unperceived weight of this energy.

it’s time to be good to you.

benefits of sound healing may include but are not limited to:

  • an increased sense of calm and wellbeing
  • feeling lighter and liberated from heavy emotions or stress
  • decreased muscular tension and bone pain
  • a sense of silence in the mind
  • reaching a meditative state which helps us to deal with daily life easier
  • emotional release which helps us to relax into life easier
  • relief from auditory disorders such as tinitus
  • reduction in anger
  • alleviation from depression
  • improved sleep
  • a reduction in risk of illness due to an increase in overall wellbeing
  • feelings of joy and contentedness

it’s always best to dress comfy & warm so you can relax easily as you’ll be laying in meditation for the hour. it’s better to be too hot and take off a layer than too cold and possibly not feeling comfortable doing anything about it. your warm blankets, sleeping bags and onesies are also welcome 🙂 a bottle of water may come in handy too as you’re often there for more than an hour.

the ancient egyptians, aborigines, ancient greeks, tibetans and countless african tribes all used sound for healing. some for many millennia. why not discover why?

Looking forward to journeying with you

ॐ Namaste ॐ